What a bad end to the day yesterday.

First, the responses to my post below were overwhelming - the silence was deafening.

Second, I see Darren Barefoot said this about me:
It’s more pathetic than funny that this guy holds out hope that a deal will get done between the NHL and the NHLPA.

And to end the day, before the two sides could inch themselves towards the mutally acceptable cap level of $44.5 million, the letters came:

Dear Bob...

Dear Gary...

Fuck you Bob...

Fuck you Gary...

And we wait for 1pm.

I should also mention that Brett Hull was on the Team 1200 this morning and said, amongst many things:
If we were going to take a cap, why the hell didn't we do it 8 months ago

Well, Brett, maybe because you and everyone else didn't tell Bob and Ted to do it.

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