Poor Strachan 
He hit this one on the head, didn't he:
Yesterday, the two sides met to explore their options and neither one delivered a new proposal.
There also had been reports that some players were urging the union leaders to accept a cap if the level were high enough, but such a change of heart on the part of the union would be highly unlikely.
The opposition to the cap has been steadfast and if the players were willing to accept a cap, they could have started negotiating the size of it years ago. They always have said they won't accept a cap of any magnitude.
It could be $100 million US, the union leadership has said. It doesn't matter. There will be no hard cap.

Ouch. Sorry Strachan - there are no mulligans in the print media.

UPDATE - next day's column - too funny not to add:
But others say that a team payroll of $42.5 million is a healthy sum and if they do not agree to this deal, they will have to rely on European hockey to provide their salaries for the foreseeable future, not a particularly bright prospect.

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