No Adrienne, you need a new cup - not the NWHLs 
So, the NWHL is going to try and scoop the Clarkson Cup from under the nose of Canadian women hockey players. (from the Globe and Mail)

Adrienne says she'll decide in a couple of days.

I'm going to advise her that she should not give her name to the existing NWHL cup and instead should present a new cup that this year will go to the winner of the NWHL championship but will, in future years, go to the the best women's hockey team on the continent.

I don't a lot about the NWHL but it's only 7 teams based in Ontario and Quebec and it would be in poor judgement to award the Clarkson Cup to that league's winner annually when other leagues may grow and develop a better quality of play.

At this point, perhaps Adrienne should consult Hockey Canada and USA Hockey on how best to create a Stanley Cup equivalent for women's hockey. She should not quickly jump into bed with one eager commisioner.

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