Naslund - what a captain 
I wanted to write something to trash Markus Naslund's comments regarding Steve Moore but I came across a column that does the trick - I'm copying more here than I like to but it's so nice to read:

He's suing everyone so he can make money," Naslund told a Vancouver paper. "I've got no respect for him at all.
"This is just a guy who's trying to hit a home run (financially). Someone who wasn't good enough to play.
"I'm not saying what (Bertuzzi did) was right. But if it was me, I'd be doing everything I could to get back and play and show everyone the character I have."
Oh, don't worry. We now are keenly aware of the "character" possessed by Naslund.
This is the same captain of the Canucks who hid behind the brutes on his own team after being nailed with a clean hit, asked them to go out and make like the dogs of war so he could keep his saintly hands clean.
Has a little Tonya Harding-Jeff Gillooly scent to it, wouldn't you say?
This is a hockey player, based on his words yesterday, who looks down his nose at the marginal players in the game, the grunts, checkers and pluggers who have to scratch and claw just to get on the active roster of an NHL team for a few games.
Those Naslund judges as not "good enough to play" certainly don't deserve the same
consideration as, say, he does. People like Moore should not have the temerity to bodycheck those above him in the food chain.
This Naslund is a "leader" who allowed the foaming-at-the-mouth lynch mob to get way out of control in the Canucks dressing room, ultimately helping to create the scenario that left Moore with a broken neck, Bertuzzi suspended indefinitely and the Canucks out millions of dollars in post-season revenue.
He figures Moore should just suck it up. Recovering lost wages and opportunity through a lawsuit would never be done by a manly sort.
Just go and steal somebody else's job during the lockout like the rest of us, Naslund
seems to instruct.
It's the hypocrisy that really gets you.
On one hand, Naslund takes shots at NHL commissioner Gary Bettman for the indecency of trying to design a system that will cap NHL playing incomes at an average of about $1.3 million per season. The Swedish profile-in-courage then takes shots at an injured athlete who can't even exercise because of his severe injuries,
suggesting he's just out for the money.
That Naslund questions Moore's character is indeed the topper. After all, at least Borje Salming stood up for himself. Naslund could have sought revenge against Moore himself last winter, could have dropped his gloves, lifted his protective visor and given the Harvard grad the old Ingemar Johansson one-two.
Instead, he let Brad May and Bertuzzi play judge and jury while he kept his Lady Byng tiara in place.
Now the lawsuit is on, and the evidence sure looks compelling that there was a conspiracy to take Moore's livelihood away from him.
Sadly, one name is missing from the list of defendants.
Would love to see the name of Markus Naslund added.
What a stupid, stupid man.

My thoughts exactly.
Oh, are you going to come back and say Moore's original hit on Naslund wasn't clean? That the referees missed it, and that the video tape that the league reviewed was somehow flawed?

Oh, another - pile on:
In fact, Moore is showing everybody the character he has.
Clearly, respect doesn't exist between players. Honour is dead and if you don't think so, re-read Naslund's comments.
What will bring change is financial repercussions, the kind Moore can bring. Money talks and the players have amply shown, nothing else gets their attention.

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