Jack be nimble, Jack be gone quick 
Wells' column last week contained this:
Ottawa's seen plenty of politicians who trust their gut, to the dismay of all around them. Once upon a time we had Stockwell Day; today it's Jack Layton. The two share little except an unshakable fondness for whatever pops into their heads.

It reminded me that I had written this last March:
He is reminiscent of another national leader that came onto the stage with much of the same fanfare - Stockwell Day - a new face from outside the power circles, energetic, and a purported ability to expand the party from its previous base of support. He also has the same negatives as the other leader had - little caucus support, prone to foot-in-mouth moments, and strongly supported by special interest group factions in the party.

But, those negatives aren't going to be Jack's downfall directly. It's Chretien's legacy that will kill him - political financing. With the NDP's big union funding in peril due to the financing laws I think Jack will be pushed out shortly after the next election. They can't survive without being a populist party.

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