I'm optimistic 
Yes, for some strange reason, I think there is a chance the NHL and NHLPA will come to an agreement.

Mike Ulmer's column in the Sun today suggests we should not want that to happen:
Trust me, you don't want an NHL season. You might think you do, but you don't. For one thing, you'd be signing on to a season shorter than a teenager's attention span.
For another, a salvaged season would require a complete capitulation by the players.
As difficult as it would be to endure a victorious Bob Goodenow, Gary Bettman's golden moment would be even worse to watch.
I could live with it to see Hasek, and the Sens start back up with Murray behind the bench. I'd fly my car flag on Monday if they came up with an agreement this weekend.

And, also, since I'm in a good mood, I won't write anything about Warren Kinsella today. I will, however, point to this illuminating editorial from the Post:
That those with an interest in sabotaging the inquiry are trying to paint it as bloated and out of control is unsurprising. But the way they are doing it is disingenuous. A quick survey of other recent commissions and inquiries shows how unusual it is to ascribe secondary expenses within government to the inquiry itself.

(examples of other $$$ inquiries and commissions omitted)

The point of the Gomery commission is not to get as much information on Adscam as may be retrieved on the cheap, but to discover how an expensive government program could go so appallingly astray, and to ensure this scandal is the last of its kind. If it achieves that, the inquiry will have fulfilled its mandate. Whether that costs $20-million, $60-million or $100-million, it will be money well spent.

To ensure this scandal is the last of it's kind - hey, they're optimists too!

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