The Clarkson Cup 
To follow up on yesterday's post...

Adrienne Clarkson thinks she has some right to speak out on the Stanley Cup because it originated from the Governor General at the time.

What would make more sense to me would be for her to commission a new cup to be awarded to the best women's hockey team. The Clarkson Cup should go to the best women's hockey team - not a national team - a club team.

This year, if she gets it going in time, it would replace the NWHL Championship Cup to be awarded on March 26th. In following years, the scope may have to change to include Women's leagues in the US and other parts of Canada.

Now that would be going where the puck hasn't gone yet.

Update: in MacGregor's column in the Globe - sounds like the women agree, no?
Olympic gold medalist Therese Brisson, on the other hand, says that it would feel "kind of funny to play for the Stanley Cup" in that she and other players on the national team didn't grow up with that dream because it was not believed to be available to them.
"The epitome of hockey for me," she says, "is to play in the World Championships and the Olympics. And quite frankly, that means a lot more to me than the Stanley Cup could."
Teammate Cassie Campbell hopes that, at some point, an equivalent of the Stanley Cup will be created for women's hockey — although she says she has been overwhelmed by the widespread interest in the Governor-General's suggestion.

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