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I got this link from Levant's comment on this post on the Shotgun. Here is part of it - he's talking to the Standing Senate Committee onTransport and Communications.
As to your question about bias in the media, I read with jaw slack that Slate magazine article you referred to. They asked every single employee at Slate Magazine, not just the columnists but the interns — just about everyone except for the janitor — to say who they were backing in this election. Out of let us say 40 people in the whole company, maybe five were for Bush, more than 30 were for Kerry, and a couple were for some independents. It was shocking to me. I thought it would have been more balanced.
I worked on Parliament Hill for two leaders of the opposition who were Canadian Alliance and Reform. I got to know a number of the members of the media. I would say that out of the 100 journalists I got to know on a casual basis, perhaps three of them confided to me that they were on the conservative side of the aisle. We know so many of them who are on the liberal side of the aisle. In fact, there is a bit of a revolving door sometimes with our friends in the media taking high posts in Ottawa.
I hope one day to take advantage of that ladder and climb my way to the top. I am
joking of course. If there is to be an elected Senate, I will throw my hat in the ring.
Please do not take it from my anecdotal observations. However, I know that in the United States, Gallup frequently surveys the Washington press corps, and it is overwhelmingly Democrat. I think it is safe to say that, in this city, it is overwhelmingly liberal or left.
Journalism schools are the same way. I am proud to report that in our entire reportorial staff, other than my editor who is quite well educated, not a single one of our reporters has gone through journalism school. We hire based on one criterion only. It is: Do you know how to think? We will teach them how to write.
Maybe I'll ask for a Standard subscription for Christmas next year.

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