This is what I was talking about.... 
when I wondered about the reaction to 24:
The Fox television network said on Thursday it will provide its stations with TV spots that portray Muslims in a favorable way after it received complaints for featuring followers of Islam as terrorists on its hit television show "24."
On Monday, Fox premiered the fourth season of "24." The drama featured an upper-middle class Muslim family operating as a sleeper terrorist cell. The Muslim mother poisons her son's non-Muslim girlfriend because it was feared the girl could jeopardize the terrorists' plan.
A Fox spokesman said it would provide public service announcements sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations to its affiliate stations. Local television
executives can decide if and when to use the spots.
The move was in response to the Islamic council's complaints about the show.

I saw the link on Absinthe & Cookies which was pointed out in Jay Jardine's fantastic edition of the Red Ensign Standard.

Nothing to do with 24 but it's really good so here is part of Jay's introduction:
So what the hell am I, Mr. All-Government-is-Force-and-Fraud doing with a monarchy-themed flag on my website? Well, for the sake of our non-Canuck visitors, a brief primer is in order. The post 1960's Canada can be better described as Trudeaupia - a progressive-era dream that just kept on chugging along. The stage in our history where good liberals had become bad Liberals and were well past the point of no return. While Mr. Trudeau was exactly right in saying "the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation" he, alas, felt the state had plenty of business
everywhere else.
Nicely put.

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