A reason to buy the Post 
I missed Frum's article on changes to make it an easier choice for women to have children. You can find it on his archive page here - click on the December 28th article "OTTAWA ISN'T MAKING IT EASY TO HAVE CHILDREN" Here's part of the conclusion:
For example, like most social security systems, the Canada Pension Plan pays out less or more according to the amount paid in. Recognizing that this rule could reduce the pensions paid to women who leave the workforce to raise children, Canada allows pensioners to exclude their lowest-contribution months from the calculation of their pensions. That's an interesting start. Why not go further and allow women to count time spent at home with young children as an affirmative contribution to the system? What if it were possible for a mother of three or more children to qualify for the maximum pension without working at all?

Wilson has likewise proposed that women who stay home to raise children could be rewarded with scholarships and other advanced educational benefits when they are ready to return to the workforce.

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