Pssst, I think he's talking to you... 
(Did you see that Simpson's episode?)

Okay, despite changing my blogroll to link Not Warren Kinsella to my posts on his attempt to spread smeary-like insinuations about Gomery and his family, and his threats against bloggers, I still check out his site regularly. I had noticed that I was on his 'blogroll' on his front page again last week but today I'm not.

Today's post caught my attention - he wrote:
I do understand a little bit about libel law, however, and I think anyone who runs a "comments" section on their web log is at considerable legal risk - because they will be held liable for any defamatory statements others post on their sites.
Who's he talking about?

Another question - why is his blog at the top of Bourque's blogger page? Is he paying for that spot?

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