600 people at the memorial 
Bene Diction wrote:
Do numbers matter?
If there are any readers from Ottawa or surrounding area, would you mind popping into the comments and answering a question?
Did you go to the Civic Centre in Ottawa yesterday for the Southeast Asia Earthquake and Tsunami memorial/mourning? Why or why not?
Other Canadians? Did you catch it on the CBC? Any thoughts?
This Ottawa Citizen columnist has a lot of questions about why only 600 members of the public showed up.
And I think he is correct, if a hockey game had been called in short order the arena would have been filled.
I commented - after noting that Elvis-loving Earl is a longtime Sun contributor:

The attendance was really disappointing but there are some reasons I think.

I live two blocks from the Civic Centre where the memorial was held. I listen to CFRA (talk radio) often on the way to and from work. I obviously read a lot on the net. Strangely, the first time I heard about the memorial was when I was getting my hair cut at 10am on Saturday - a couple blocks from the Civic Centre again - and the barber asks someone in the shop why there were some baricades being erected on the street corner. The person suggested for the memorial.

I was not surprised at the number of people that attended - disappointed but not

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