The other Canada 
I'm a little tired of every CBC special being called something like 'A Nation Divided' or 'The Great Divide' or 'Can you believe it - people have different positions!' but while this is something similiar, I think it's worth pointing out. Frum has a good post today about the visit and the speeches:
Past American presidential visitors have paid tribute – as say Bill Clinton did on his official visit in 1995 – to Canada’s softer, gentler side: its healthcare programs, its social welfare, its gun control, its multiculturalism. Well they all exist, and they are popular with many Canadians, although less so now perhaps than they were a decade ago.
But there is another Canada: the Canada that sacrified three times as many people as the US (in proportion to population) in two world wars; the Canada whose forces led the great drive of August 9, 1918, the “black day” of the German army; the Canada that took responsibility for one of the beaches at D-Day while an America that then had almost 15 times Canada’s population took three; the Canada that fought in Korea, the Gulf War, now in Afghanistan – and, as many Halifax naval families know well, that helps even today to patrol the Persian Gulf.
This Canada was the Canada that President Bush singled out for praise – even acknowledging (a fact that Canadians do not forget), “In the early days of World War II, when the United States was still wrestling with isolationism, Canadian forces were already engaging the enemies of freedom across the Atlantic.”
It's a pretty good read and he gives Martin some credit too. Speaking of CBC, I wonder what Daifallah thought of thier coverage - he's been critical in the past. I thought the coverage was pretty good yesterday - showing one Canadian stopping another from lighting an American flag on fire was nice to see.

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