A little from column 'A', and a little from column 'B' 
Trudeaupia is down in Dallas for work:
First risky experiment: I'll see what happens if you cut into a steak at the Texas Land and Cattle Company without saying grace first. I'll let you know (if I survive the lynching).
Damian's Grandmother was in Ottawa last week:
Here's what my retired-grade-two-schoolteacher, adopts-abused-cats, sings-the-silliest-songs, sweetest-lady-in-the-neighbourhood grandmother had to say about the whole thing:
"Did you see they interviewed some fool with pink hair on the news? I'm going deaf, you know, but some days I just don't think it's happening fast enough."
Best. Line. Ever.
Bart was watching Don Newman on Friday:
I'm listening to the Friday morning Politics online (see the 19 minute mark) and their roundtable chat on missile defense and Liberal MP Derek Lee argued that the weaponization of space made sense because "We might need to stop one of those meteorites". I only hope that our government isn't basing their foreign policy decisions on bad Ben Affleck movies.
And the big news in Canada this week is - the NHL - NHLPA meeting on Thursday. Sources indicate that December 15th is the drop dead date for the season.

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