Giving some credit to the government 
Hey, I don't think I'm the type of guy that hates everything that the Liberals do - right?

When I joined the Red Ensign brigade of bloggers I wrote about the Canada I wanted:
...it is having our leaders speak clearly to Canadians and the world about what Canada is on the global stage - not abstaining on UN votes...
Well, in the news this week, our Ambassador to the UN, Mr. Gun Registry, said:
"We believe that the time has come, especially given the renewed hope for the peace process, to evaluate the efforts that all of us make at the United Nations to determine if they could be redirected towards more constructive outcomes," Mr. Rock said.
He said the General Assembly and the much more powerful Security Council should do more to foster respect and trust between Israelis and Palestinians in order to help bring peace to the region.
Canada has typically abstained on resolutions that condemn Israel's occupation of and settlements in the West Bank and Gaza.
Only the United States and a few others have been left to support the embattled Jewish state.
Mr. Rock's speech Tuesday confirmed a shift in approach to UN questions involving the Middle East that has been evident since last summer. Then, Canada abstained on a widely supported resolution that noted the International Court of Justice's finding that Israel's security fence violated international law.
I'm not going to make a statement here on the actual position they've taken - I don't have the time - but this is a good step.
I'll also give props to Martin for his trip to Sudan and for his push for the L20. While these haven't produced results, he is at least doing what leaders are supposed to do - lead. Time will tell how good a leader he is - will others follow?

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