Funniest Canadian Blog 
It wasn't supposed to be funny.

Crazy Robert McClelland is hosting an interesting activity - the 2004 Canadian Blog Awards. Looks like someone nominated me for the most humourous blog.

Nominations can be made from this post on Robert's blog. Robert's an anti-Conservative blogger so travelling to his site will be a great test of anger management for many of you.

Speaking of funny - I read Paul Martin's interview with Maclean's in this week's edition:

There have been reports that 24 Sussex Drive is run down and drafty. Is it true that you and Mrs. Martin have to bundle up to sit in the kitchen for breakfast?
Basically, my life is, I come in late at night, I go to bed, I get up in the morning and go to work. The house has a lot of character, and I don't notice anything else about it.

You've spent an extraordinary amount of time abroad recently. Any lasting memories?
I don't know if you saw the pictures of the two schools I went to in Africa. To go off into a corner and talk to a little girl--in one case the girl spoke French, and I think we communicated. This is not an arid statistic; these are real live kids, who are so cute you want to pick every one of them up and take them home. Many are orphans or have lost brothers and sisters. I'll tell you, that touched me like you wouldn't believe. We've got to change the world because, for these kids, it's not fair they should grow up in this world.

When you were asked in a recent CNN interview about the possibility of Canadian troops serving in Iraq, you said Canada didn't have any troops available. Did you mean to suggest that if you had them, you'd consider sending them?
Then why answer the question that way?
Because it's a fact. We don't have the troops. So that's the answer.

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