Bush/Martin action - what they really accomplished 
I know, some of you may think this is just a coincidence but remember what Bush said yesterday:
Paul and I share a great vision for the future, two prosperous, independent nations joined together by the return of NHL hockey.
And now we find out today:
The National Hockey League Players' Association confirmed Thursday that NHLPA Executive Director Bob Goodenow sent a letter to Gary Bettman inviting the NHL's negotiating committee to attend a meeting in Toronto next week with the NHLPA Executive Committee and senior NHLPA officials.
The letter also confirms that the NHLPA is working on a new proposal which it believes 'should provide the basis for a new collective bargaining agreement and thus end the owners' lockout.'
"Almost three months have passed since the players made their last proposal and we have yet to receive a counter-offer from the league. We have been working hard at other creative solutions and believe our new proposal will provide a basis to end the owners' lockout and resume NHL hockey," Bob Goodenow, NHLPA executive director.
Christmas is coming!

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