Andrew, Andrew, Andrew..... 
Andrew Spicer, who hasn't yet been nominated for a Canadian blog award by the way (is there a Best 'Toronto needs more money' blog award? - just kidding - I'm working way too hard to be funny now), wrote this about the NHLPA:
If I were running the union, I'd tell all the players to report to their team's towns. In each city I would set up a hockey team and find an arena -- even if only a small one is available. I'd put all the people who should be Maple Leafs in blue and white uniforms and have them play games against people in red and white from Detroit, etc.
The owners have talked about replacement players, but I think a much more viable solution is replacement management.
After all, what else do these NHL owners own, except a monopoly, some brand names and trademarks, and some leases on arenas?

Yeah, just a hundred years of tradition, generations of fan loyalty, etc, etc. Maybe Buzz Hargrove should think about this - the next round of CAW negotiations might end with with Buzz saying "After all, what else do these auto companies own, except a building, some automated robots, and some arrangements with dealers?"

The only end result is the NHL players playing for the NHL clubs - that's it.

I want to see the league to have payrolls that are in the same ballpark (or rink). This not only gives fans hope every few years to develop a contender but it would allow for each team to have a balanced roster in terms of skill level and may be the best catalyst to develop more excitement in the game. When you have teams with 30 million dollars less in payroll they will be forced to play a tight defensive game all the time as they will not have the tools to play an open, up tempo game. You pay for those skills.

I want the NHL to have competition like the NFL, not MLB.

There might be other ways to have cost certainty and payrolls balanced across the league without a salary cap. That's what the NHLPA needs to figure out.

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