All conservatives are welcome - none will be completely satisfied 
Did you read Terence Corcoran's column in the Financial Post? In it he slams Harper and the CPC from election night to today. He says:
The Conservative party is abandoning conservative values as part of a deliberate strategy orchestrated by party insiders, including some of Mr. Harper's old brain trust. Disappointed at their election loss, hungry to be in on power, they have come to believe that victory will only come to a party that shifts toward the centre and beyond.
And why does Mr. Corcoran think this?

Well, because the party isn't going to throw Technology Partnerships Canada into the garbage can. Because Harper is waiting for more concrete information on the US proposal for missile defence before putting the party's support behind it. Because Harper has mused on potential ways of reforming the federation and respecting provincial rights. Why - doesn't it get you fired up that Harper is talking about federalism in Quebec - about concepts that might not 'sweep Calgary'? Imagine that.

Mr. Corcoran appears livid that the Conservatives aren't attacking the child care plan - a plan that is so early in its development that it would seem to leave Harper and the CPC to attack the very concept of child care and not any specific Liberal program.

And, of course, we will never forgive Harper for taking a month 'off' after the election.

Understand - Corcoran's view of what the party should represent is given:
By conservative I mean a political movement that aims for less government, lower taxes, greater economic freedom and stress on individual rather than collective values.
Perhaps Corcoran is confusing the Conservative Party of Canada with the Freedom Party or the Libertarian Party? Seriously though - why does the CPC have to be so rigid to appease the various special interest groups - stretch out a bit.

The CPC is maturing as a party and seems to be less prone to sharp, poorly thought out reactions to Liberal policies. It is worrying to some who view this as a weakness. I think it's a natural progression to a real representative party.

Representative because Corcoran's views should be welcomed and debated within the party - all conservative views should be heard. If the party only partially resembles the Conservative Party that one group of conservatives would want then those in that group should do one thing - support and work for the CPC while pushing for your policies. In the end we'll get a national party that can govern this country with conservative policies.

After reading this again, I thought it sounded a little to much like fence sitting or playing referee. But, upon further reflection, why should I explain my actual positions on these issues and defend them - Corcoran doesn't.

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