You've read enough about the American election - here's some Canadiana... 
Jane Taber's story in the Globe today was interesting - some juicy inside stuff from a Liberal meeting:
At a weekend session on the spring election, Mr. Herle showed charts of his internal polling from the campaign and noted that the Conservatives under Stephen Harper would have formed a minority government had June 14 been the voting day instead of June 28, according to an insider.
Some Liberal MPs and candidates — especially in Ontario — viewed Mr. Herle with skepticism, saying he ran a campaign that took the party to the brink and back up again to win at least a minority government.
The Prime Minister, however, recently reconfirmed him as the co-chairman of the next Liberal election bid.
Mr. Herle, who participated in the Saturday session with two other senior Martin strategists, Michele Cadario and Karl Littler, also said the English-language debate helped to turn things around as did a series of negative ads that ran in the last couple of weeks.
Some convention delegates wanted to know why Mr. Martin did not run on the party's record.
As well, one delegate, according to an insider, "lambasted" Martin ministers John McCallum and Judy Sgro for disrupting and ambushing Mr. Harper on the election trail.
The incidents caused some controversy.
A defensive Mr. Herle, who one delegate said was "right fired up," said the questioner had "no right to trash ministers McCallum and Sgro. We sent them out. They were just doing what we told them to do," Mr. Herle said, according to the delegate.
Wow - Herle defending the at-the-time cabinet ministers! You have NO RIGHT to trash McCallum and Sgro! What a maroon.

Harper must read stuff like this and weep - they were so close and couldn't close the deal on these idiots.

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