Who had a worse year - Martin or McGuinty? 
People have, after one year, called Martin 'a huge disappointment' or called the term 'a disaster'. I don't disagree.

I do find it strange that McGuinty was spared a skewering last month for his first year. I figure he managed to fly under the radar as he had the worst budget feedback in the history of Ontario and people didn't feel the need to curse him again.

But, thankfully, the court case with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation is bringing him back into the spotlight - as Andrew Coyne writes today in linking to the CTF's factum:
It's quite clear he meant to be believed, and would go to any lengths to convince people of his sincerity. It wasn't just campaign hyperbole, or a flip off-the-cuff comment. Indeed, it wasn't even a promise, of the usual sort. It was the next thing to swearing an oath: the message it was intended to convey was "whatever other promises you may have heard, from me or anyone else, this is one you can take to the bank."
There's also little room for doubt, after reading it, that the Liberals knew the province was heading for a $5-billion deficit. Their own finance critic said as much.
So the damage that has been done to the public trust is incalculable.

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