This made my morning 
In today's Ottawa Citizen:
Tory House leader John Reynolds has previously said the party's "in the black," and the rumour mill suggests the Conservatives have roughly $1 million in the bank.
If that proves to be the case, the Conservatives would join the Bloc Quebecois as the only major parties to be debt-free. Both the Liberals and the NDP have shortfalls in the millions.
Liberal president Mike Eizenga recently estimated the party owed about $3.6 million after the campaign, and that total party debt was closer to $5 million if one takes into account the amounts the central party has promised to its various provincial wings and member organizations.
The Conservatives didn't respond to the Liberal ads late in the June campaign - this is a positive result of that decision - was it a conscious one?

Having the party in the black makes it a lot easier to ask for donations from the membership. I will me much more likely to donate knowing I am paying for the future campaigns, not a previous failure.

It was always hard to argue with Liberals/Dippers when the Alliance or PCers were in debt - how can they manage the country's finances when they can't manage their own.

One other thing - wonder why Layton was so desperate for the government not to fall while the Bloc and Tories were more concerned about having a Throne speech that meant something?

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