Rob Ray stirring the pot some more... 
From TSN:
"It's good to see these guys like (Mike Commodore and Pierre Dagenais) standing up and saying something because it shows they care and they want to know what's happening." Ray told the Ottawa Sun. "I went through this whole thing in 1994 when I was making $300,000 US. They got a deal done and I thought I was going to cash in big time. Well, I went from making $300,000 to $350,000. Big deal. Really, it's the role players on the team who are going to get screwed in all of this. Guys like Daniel Alfredsson and Zdeno Chara are going to get their money. Players like Chris Neil and Shaun Van Allen are going to get (bleeped). They don't stand to gain anything from this."

Well, this is basically the point Dagenais said as well last week - stars/well off players setting the agenda.

Also, Pierre Maguire of TSN said today on The Team here in Ottawa that he knew of at least 10 players as well that would basically cross the line today.

Tomorrow's NHLPA / Player Rep meeting should be interesting. Way more interesting than the election down south - right?

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