Post Cup - I'm almost alive again 
After the game we went to a bar near the stadium - sounds like we should have went downtown (from Adam Radwanski):
There was the game, obviously – entertaining even if the right team hadn’t won, and thrilling since it did. There was the post-game party in the Market that we stumbled into – a chance to rub shoulders with some exuberant, well-refreshed and predictably approachable players. And then there was heading over to Dunn’s at 4:00 a.m. for some much-needed grub, only to find the O-line’s Sandy Annunziata there in the company of the Cup. If there’s a more CFL moment than getting to hold the Grey Cup in an all-night deli a few hours after your favourite team has won it, I haven’t found it.

Other tidbits from the game:

They showed Jean Chretien on the screen at the stadium - he was wearing a touque that made him look like a very old man. Somebody yelled "Hey Chretien - did Gagliano get you those tickets?"

At one point in the 2nd quarter we went for beers and the booth was out of beer! They rolled in a keg and had one tap going for about 6 lines of people. They got two other taps working after about 10 minutes. Pretty scary for a bit.

My friend was wearing a big black afro wig and his face was painted by my 5 and 3 year old. He was interviewed by Shaun Majumder of This Hour has 22 Minutes - will have to watch on Friday to see if he made the cut.

I was a little surprised that Printers didn't see the field at all - has there ever been a time where the league MVP didn't play in the Grey Cup?

Clemons during the Argo player introductions - to each player he said something with that big smile - how could you not play your heart out for him.

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