Poor Edmonton 
Poor Colby Cosh. His Eskimos were beaten 14-6 by the Riders.

He writes a long analysis of the western semi-final on Sunday morning and concludes...
Roughrider fans are generally believed to be the finest and most loyal in football, but sweet Lord do they know how to whine--and they don't believe there's any connection between all the whining and all the losing, either. So I'm looking forward to the brutal beating I believe to be in store for them, starting at 2 p.m. today.

Oh, and his explanation...
I know what you're thinking--how's he going to spin this one? Look, the Riders scored only 14 points and the Eskies threw for well over 300 yards. Surely the score is just a technicality? Anyway, it's not like any Rider fans have weblogs, literacy being a prerequisite.

What's more shocking is that the attendance was 37,359 - uh, that's less than the number that went to the Skydome on Friday. Beaten by Saskatchewan on the field and beaten by Toronto in the stands - ouch.

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