NDP stuffing the ballot box - still 
From Stephen Taylor - the NDP is encouraging members to each vote from their home phones, cell phones, text message, home e-mail, and their work e-mail.

Stephen Taylor says:
If I've added up the number of times that NDPers can vote for Tommy Douglas
correctly, I get 70 (assuming work, home and spam email addresses). Ironically, if you apply this number votes to a forum in the real-world, say the House of Commons, the NDP would have (70 votes * 19 seats = 133 votes) which is one seat
short of the Liberal Party's ruling minority!
Jack's really onto something!

I still think Terry Fox will win.

I was surprised to hear so many advertisements for Rex Murphy's nominee - Trudeau's show. The sports radio station and CFRA were both playing ads for it and I saw ads on TV - don't remember that much promotion earlier in the competition - am I wrong about that?

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