Last plug for Terry Fox 
I believe, of the 10 people in the contest, Terry Fox should get your vote as the Greatest Canadian. Don't let the NDP run roughshod over the process - from their newsletter out today:
Don’t let Trudeau topple Tommy. This is the last chance to vote for ‘The Greatest Canadian’
This is it - the home stretch. We are now in the final window to vote for Tommy as the Greatest Canadian. This is your last chance to vote.

Remember, you can:

Vote 5 times each on every phone line you have access to (home, work, cell,
friend’s house, neighbour’s house, etc).


Vote once from each e-mail address you have access to.


Vote once by text messaging from each cell phone you have access to.

Phone: 1-866-303-VOTE (8683)
E-mail: http://cbc.ca/greatest/vote/en/signin.jsp
Text Messaging: CBC10

Now, I don't want Trudeau to win either but it's a two horse race at this point - Terry and Tommy. The NDP couldn't come out and say - don't let that evil Terry Fox win.

If you hadn't read what I wrote before, it is here. Here is a letter from Terry....

Terry’s Letter Requesting Support For His Run

The night before my amputation, my former basketball coach brought me a magazine with an article on an amputee who ran in the New York Marathon. It was then I decided to meet this new challenge head on and not only overcome my disability, but conquer it in such a way that I could never look back and say it disabled me.
But I soon realized that that would only be half my quest, for as I went through the
16 months of the physically and emotionally draining ordeal of chemotherapy, I was rudely awakened by the feelings that surrounded and coursed through the cancer clinic. There were faces with the brave smiles, and the ones who had given up smiling. There were feelings of hopeful denial, and the feelings of despair. My quest would not be a selfish one. I could not leave knowing these faces and feelings would still exist, even though I would be set free from mine. Somewhere the hurting must stop... and I was determined to take myself to the limit for this cause.
From the beginning the going was extremely difficult, and I was facing chronic ailments foreign to runners with two legs in addition to the common physical strains felt by all dedicated athletes.
But these problems are now behind me, as I have either out-persisted or learned to
deal with them. I feel strong not only physically, but more important, emotionally. Soon I will be adding one full mile a week, and coupled with weight training I have been doing, by next April I will be ready to achieve something that for me was once only a distant dream reserved for the world of miracles – to run across Canada to raise money for the fight against cancer.
The running I can do, even if I have to crawl every last mile.
We need your help. The people in cancer clinics all over the world need people who believe in miracles.
I am not a dreamer, and I am not saying that this will initiate any kind of definitive answer or cure to cancer. But I believe in miracles. I have to.

Terry Fox, October 1979

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