If you could vote 100 times in a real election... 
the NDP might do a lot better.

I was a little ticked to see Douglas win last night. The CBC haven't provided any breakdown of the vote but it's likely to not be significantly different than what was shown a week or so ago when Fox was leading every age group except the over 50 crowd.

We know that the NDP were the most active in their instructions to members. So - it seems to me that biggest thing this contest taught us is that the NDP is made up of a lot of old boomers.

Consider that the CBC only received 1.1 million votes - over the entire month or so. I would guess that Douglas got around 300,000 to win it (they should have used a STV system so the winner would have needed a true majority). Say, of the 100,000 or so NDP members, 5,000 of them got into it for Douglas - they could each vote up to 100 times or so over the series (assume 50) - that would give him 250,000 votes.

Also, it was nice to see most of the advocates going to Fox when their guy was ousted. It wouldn't have surprised me to see more go to Fox if they wouldn't have made CBC look bad by doing it.

Anyway, congratulations to Jack and the NDP - you won. Fox couldn't finish the job in 1980 and you made sure he didn't do it in 2004.

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