Fox Rocks 
I watched the first hour of The Greatest Canadian on CBC last night - the TV was booked for Desperate Housewives at 9pm.

The part of the show - I think the first debate section - where REX MURPHY and GEORGE STROUMBOULOPOULOS debated who was the greatest leader - Trudeau or Douglas - was very entertaining. It was fantastic to see a gang up session on Trudeau with PAUL GROSS leading the charge; "I lived in Alberta when the National Energy Policy came through. . . . The fact is that Trudeau sowed seeds of hatred towards central Canada in various regions of this country that exist to this day!" Rex defended his guy as best he could.

I found, during the debate on who was the most passionate, MELISSA AUF DER MAUR to be very, very annoying. Her argument was that her candidate, David Suzuki, was the most passionate because he saw the 'big picture'. All these other people were way too focused on Canada. Every rebuttal was her rolling her eyes and saying 'Arrgh - don't you get it - Suzuki sees we're on a little blue planet!'

SOOK-YIN LEE, Terry Fox's advocate, was good but she wasn't aggressive enough in my opinion. She could have went negative on Douglas - bringing up his views on homosexuality and sterilization. It would have been sweet if she had of said, after Broadbent brought up that Trudeau ran for the NDP in Montreal, that Douglas would have been kicked out of the NDP today for his views.

I think Douglas has it wrapped up and will be announced as 'The Greatest Canadian' tonight. Layton will be trying to figure out how he can make hay on Douglas' title.

What does it mean? Not much I suppose but it would have been nice to see Fox win.

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