Dear Alfonso 
Greg Weston has replied to Gagliano's open letter to Canadians - here is a bit of it:
Dear Alfonso,
First, congratulations on your saving the country. We are certain your name will forever be praised among the greatest of the great Canadian saviours of confederation, an honour role you now share exclusively with Sheila Copps.
Second, throwing taxpayers' money at every Quebec event asking for handouts was an absolute stroke of genius.
We do know that some Montreal advertising agencies up to their billboards in Liberal pals took millions for nothing much in return. We also know that contracting regulations were broken so routinely that some of your former staffers concluded there really were no rules.
We know that the former prime minister and his officials were all over this program -- geez, the first $50 million came out of a secret fund authorized with the signatures of only two officials: you and Jean Chretien.
What we don't know yet, Alfonso, is what happened to all that cash.
In your letter you say of the sponsorship program: "It may be that Canadians will conclude that the end did not justify the means."
Ya think?

Good stuff.

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