Beliveau: Players making a big mistake 
Frequent visitor Chris sent me this link:
According to the Montreal Gazette, Beliveau believes today's players have left the game in bad financial shape which will be passed on to the next generation.
''They're making a big mistake, a terrible mistake,'', Beliveau told the Gazette. ''I've always sided with the players in the past but this time I really believe they're completely wrong. I'm sad to see that players don't seem to believe that 20 or 22 franchises are in deep financial trouble. No business can operate with 75 per cent of its total revenue going to the salary budget.''
''Some players say they want to give back to those who will follow them,'' Beliveau told the Montreal newspaper. ''I can speak for players of my generation, who really had the game in mind. When we left hockey, it was in great shape. Those who follow today's players will face a very serious situation because the game will be in very bad shape, financially and otherwise.''
''Those who love hockey and don't have other interests must really be suffering,'' Beliveau told the Gazette. ''But wait until the weather gets worse, football is over, and these people come home from a long day's work to watch a good hockey game - and there is none.''

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