We are all lawyers 
No, only in our nightmares.

But, check out Jerry Aldini and Alan at Gen X at 40 for some great reads on the legal issues surrounding Warren Kinsella's actions.

Also, Jay Currie's has been an interesting site to watch today.

Sean from PolSpy says:
You could be number four, Jay. I'll probably be number five when I find a
spare moment this evening

Oh, I can't forget to draw your attention to The Tiger in Winter who has some perspective:
This is not something you sue over. This is something over which you say, those people have no decency -- they can't let a dead sailor rest in peace, they have to politicize even the death of a naval officer. And you clean up in sympathy. And Damian may or may not have chosen to withdraw his remarks -- he would have come off rather badly if he did not. End of story.
No, not Mr. Kinsella. He threatens lawsuits left and right.
How long will this drama last - I would think it'll be up to Warren.

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