This quote won't make the 2nd edition... 
I mean, is this funny?
Prime Minister Paul Martin jumped into the fray yesterday, as soon as Harper asked him a question: "First he wants to cohabit with the Bloc, then he wants to cohabit with Mario Dumont, and now we learn that he wants to do it with the both of them in a bed and breakfast in Brussels," Martin joked.
Maybe you had to be there.

The article actually mentions about a speech Stephane Dion gave in 1996 that "pointed to Belgium as an example of a nation that respected its linguistic minorities" He said that "They give the minority language community the ability to feel secure and to make a more positive contribution to the country."

Paul Wells, founder and current president (but not the sole member) of the Stephane Dion fan club, wrote:
Here's more than you could possibly want to know about Belgian federalism, thanks to the good people at the Forum of Federations. Read it and you'll know more than Stephen Harper did last week when he launched what one Hill wag is calling Harper's trial Walloon. Stephen cheerfully admitted to us today that he's never been to Belgium. I have. It rains.
But we want to know - has Dion been there?

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