Sure, make fun of the mouth breathers... 
I don't think it is particularly funny for Warren and his friend Chris H to make fun of mouth breathers - consider this heartfelt story:
I thought today would be a fantastic time for me to divulge a personal and slightly embarrassing detail about myself: I breathe through my mouth. And I'm in good company apparently. I recently saw a documentary which suggested that some of our inbred Royal Family, most notably Princess Ann, are mouth breathers. In my case, I blame the frequent swimming from an early age and not the inbreeding.
Mouth breathing comes with its share of problems of course. Not least the fact that one's mouth has none of the air-filtering properties of one's nose. Other unpleasant side-effects include permanently carrying the expression of a slack-jawed idiot and waking up in the middle of the night with a tongue as dry as Ghandi's flip-flop. Worst of all, and a connection I only made when I saw the aforementioned documentary on the breathing techniques of the Royals, is the fact that the "real estate" of the mouth breather's jaw diminishes over time through the lack of exercise, leaving less room for teeth. I'm not quite at the no-lower-jaw Princess Ann stage, more like John Cusak, but I am considerably younger than both.
So the writing is on the wall. At 27 years of age I must finally learn to breathe through my nose. It's not that easy either, changing the way you do something you've done instinctively all your life. There are products and special techniques out there to help the habitual mouth breather. But at 75 bucks for the Nose Breathe Mouthpiece I've opted to try the free of charge Trained Tongue Technique.
How about some words of encouragement for this poor, afflicted mouth breather?

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