Should I say something?  
For those just joining this mess, here's a link to what I wrote this week regarding Warren's e-mails that many view as an attempt to discredit Justice Gomery through his family. Here's a link to what I wrote regarding Warren Kinsella's threats to bloggers last week. I've linked them to their copies at BlogsCanada since it's so much nicer to look at.

For today's matter....

I thought I'd check out Warren's site this morning and was actually a little surprise he's addressing this bizarre set of incidents that are described in my post below. He admits that he's 'Not Warren' and explains his juvenile behaviour as such:

On one site, as an experiment, I deliberately poked fun at a few of them - and (i) I warned them I was provoking them and (ii) I predicted they could not resist responding with all sorts of venom and invective. What did they do? They responded with all kinds of insults and hate, within minutes. If I was a sociologist, I'd be writing my thesis about it, I think.
Notice the repeated use of 'they' and 'them'? Ever seen that before?

It's disappointing that he didn't link to "the woman's" (Theresa's) post on the E-Group that he criticizes - I think she gives him too much credit in light of all we know but it's at least an open discussion on the role of blogging and PR. (I wonder what Jim Elve thinks of Warren's thoughts on the future of blogging and "things that all of these bloggy folks do".)

One other thing I wanted to mention is Warren's repeated habit of using the hate mail he gets as a tool to attack all critics - he's done it numerous times. Warren's written about some racists in the past and might get some brutal mail from them (UPDATE: Warren's stats show that a white supremacist site is referring a fair number of people over to his site) but I would like to see him provide some type of evidence that any of that mail from 'haters' actually comes from a blogger - I would be surprised and disappointed if any did. Oh, but of course, his proof would come as his own interpretation with one or two words quoted - so don't bother.

I know a lot of you will think - why bother - just let it go. It's good advice.

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