Race to the cliff 
Bob McKenzie said both the NHLPA and the NHL pretty much hated the TSN Solution - so he writes this in his latest column:
So, the lockout will drag on and now that we at TSN have come to realize a well-researched, analytical approach to the labour strife doesn't work, we'll take a different tack to explain how this is all going to unfold from here on in.
Let's say the NHL is represented by commissioner Gary Bettman driving a bus.
Now here comes the NHLPA, with Executive Director Bob Goodenow driving another bus. Both buses aren't so much on a collision course as they are racing
alongside each other.
Gary is yelling out his window at Bob, "Cost Certainty!"
Bob is yelling back: "No cap!"
Now, there are 30 owners on Gary's bus. They're not saying anything. If they do, they get fined a million bucks so it's pretty quiet ride.
Now, there are 700 players on Bob's bus and they pretty much say everything Bob says. On the rare occasions when a player doesn't say what Bob says, the player doesn't get fined but the Players' Association puts out a press release to say the player's comments were taken out of context.
Now, here's the problem.
Both buses are racing towards a cliff. At some point in December or January, they're going over the cliff and that's when we lose the 2004-05 NHL season.
At this point, the only way they don't go over the cliff is if the owners on Gary's bus or the players on Bob's bus grab the wheel and hit the brakes. But both sides have gone to great pains to say there will be no insurgency, no revolts within the ranks, and that Gary and Bob are driving the buses.
Well, as any fan of the Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner hour will tell you, even in the animated world, when you go off the cliff, you know what happens next.
It won't be pretty - for Gary and his owners or Bob and his players. And the only thing I know for sure is, that when they're cleaning up the carnage and the wreckage and finding a way to get the game back on ice, at least one of the sides, maybe even both of them, will look back on the TSN solution and say, that's a deal we could have lived with.
Oh, well, at least it's not me or you on the bus, is it?
For TSN.ca, B'dee, B'dee, B'deee... That's all folks...

I hope all you hockey fans like watching crashes.

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