Don't look now! 
Matthew Fletcher, in talking about the October 20th Greatest Canadian standings wrote:
The fact that Don Cherry is not in dead last (currently 7th) is supremely annoying. The fact that Douglas, Trudeau, and Suzuki (4th) are all in the top five suggests Canadians are tending to want the Greatest Canadian to reflect their liberal ideals or alternately, and just as plausibly, only liberals are taking any notice of this little exercise.

But, the new standings out today are.....
Current Standings: as of Thursday, October 28th
1 Tommy Douglas
2 Don Cherry
3 Terry Fox
4 Pierre Elliott Trudeau
5 Wayne Gretzky
6 David Suzuki
7 Sir Frederick Banting
8 Lester B. Pearson
9 Sir John A. Macdonald
10 Alexander Graham Bell

Oh baby!

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