The constitutional rights of morons 
Warren K:
Another mouth-breather wrote about all of this outrageous, Stalinist suppression of the constitutional rights of morons, and he decided to slander my parents (my parents!) in a way that was cruel and cowardly and sick. I demanded that be taken down, too. He wouldn't, and now he is about to learn all about litigation, and all about how focused I can truly be.
First off - I thought this statement by Peter M. Jaworski on the Shotgun was pretty funny:
What sort of insult is "mouth-breather" anyway? Since when did nose-breathing become the urbane, bourgeois, and genteel thing to do? Or is he just pointing out the obvious? Let's see if this works: Kinsella, the leg-walker. Or how about: Warren, types-with-fingers, Kinsella. I don't know...
Secondly, if you've read Ian's posts you'll know what I'm talking about, I can't believe Warren's claiming Ian slandered his parents - unless there is something we don't know.
And "the constitutional rights of morons"?

Strange tactics.

And Warren's claim regarding hate mail:
Anyway. All of this has turned into quite the little controversy in the blogosphere. I've been getting tons of hate mail for the past 24 hours, mostly of the YOUR A PEECE OF SKUM YOU COMUNIST BASTURD variety from courageous types who seem to be forgetting about using their real name. My favourite one so far called me a "race mixer" (kind of suggests what circles my detractors can travel in, I think).

Somehow I think this is slightly exaggerated - and I like how he infers it's from bloggers - which I highly doubt. But he'll get more public sympathy - those rightwing bloggers - what a bunch of mouth-breathers.

Oh, and I've now been removed from Warren's blogroll on his frontpage.

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