And he's our PM. Sigh. 
Martin in an interview in Russia:

He lamented the fact that the ongoing lockout in the National Hockey League has nixed what would have been the NHL season opener on Wednesday.
Radio host Alexei Venediktov said Russians are concerned for local players affected by the labour dispute. He had hoped the issue might come up during Martin's three-hour meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday.
``Disappointed as you may be, that is nothing compared to my disappointment and (that) of Canadians at the situation in the NHL,'' Martin said. ``I would very much hope that the parties would sit down and begin negotiations.''
``I don't think there's a sport in the world that's as exciting as a major-league hockey game. And I have to say that the Russians have brought an immense amount to the game.''

First off - Martin and Putin discussing the lockout?

More importantly - MAJOR-LEAGUE hockey game! Who calls it a major-league hockey game? We already knew that hockey isn't his favourite sport but couldn't he at least know the everyday terminology of our national pastime.
Paul: Hey, watching the major league hockey game tonight?
Any other Canadian: It's a NHL game and yes, if I can.

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