Actually, maybe Warren had a point 
I had assumed, perhaps because of my own fixation on the sponsorship scandal, that those bloggers had made claims of Warren's involvement.

It appears that at least one of the bloggers had been posting about the death of Lt. Saunders:
It was about military spending. Kinsella had posted about the very sad death of Lt. Saunders, and Damian couldn't take the hypocrisy of W.K. being all mawkish about that when he had been the hatchet-man for a government that had cut our army, navy, and air force down to the bone. Said that people like him were part of the problem.
So Kinsella threatened to sue. (E-Group comment)

I think Damian was wrong to claim that Warren was being hypocritical with his expressions. There is much to blame but I can't for the life of me see how Warren should be targetted - and I think we should focus that blame on policy, not persons.

But - while Warren may have been right to defend himself, his method seems bizarre. A threat to sue over those types of statements? A better method would have been to post some outrageous statements on his blog and make some clever generalization about the right / conservative party supporters.

Many bloggers would have taken up Warren's defense.

I still think he's a strange beast.

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