You sexy thing 
An interesting development.

All things Canadian is now linked from Come as You Are, a "co-operatively-run sex toy, book and video store." They have a page talking about the NHL lockout:
Like the rest of you, we were on pins and needles during the negotiations, and on September 16 we don't mind telling you the sex toys were flying at half mast.
But we're not giving up hope. Some of us are extreme fans: if we can't watch hockey as a nation, we want to build up the national sexual energy and good karma.
To ease the pain, and help you find other things to do during Hockey Night in Canada, we're offering fellow fans a hockey related discount on all our products.
Of course, many people have considered the impact the lockout will have on people's Saturday nights. A man on the CBC tonight told Goodenow to get a deal done because he couldn't stand the thought of watching Trading Places another night of the week all winter. It reminded me of the spoof the Team 1200 did on Greenday's Time of your Life - here's the chorus:

It's something quite predictable
But if they go on strike
You'll have to spend more time with your wife

Update - I saw from ottawasportsblog that you can hear the song here.

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