Paul Martin and Dalton McGuinty - you are hereby banished from Lanark County. 
I didn't get to the Lanark Landowners Association food strike and demostration on September 11th. I was busy cleaning sewage from my basement after the last of Frances went through Ottawa last Thursday.

Here are some pictures and a description of the LLA event. They even had a trial on site:

To begin proceedings of the Perth Mock Trial, the Judge proclaimed: "Ladies and gentlemen, I have been sent here by Prime Minister Paul Martin and Premier
Dalton McGuinty, to put an end to the illegal acts which are taking place at this farmers market, as well as to oppress the rebellious citizens of Lanark County".

With the crowd acting as Jury, the arrest and trial of local farmers (charged with being suppliers of LLA-inspected beef, ungraded vegetables & eggs and unpasteurised apple cider) who believe in Free Enterprise and private Property Rights, proceeded.

The cases against each of these farmers were argued by 3 bureaucrats - Faceless, Nameless and Useless. Charged, arrested and tried were:
Merle Bowes - charged with selling ungraded farm produce
Jack MacLaren - charged with selling unpasteurised apple cider
Pearl & Rick Cheeseman - charged with selling ungraded eggs

BUT - The Jury proclaimed all these hard-working farmers NOT GUILTY once each of the charged told their story!

THEN - LLA president Randy Hillier pleaded to the Judge and Jury: "Wait a second...Who IS the criminal?"

The Jury decided the real criminals are the bureaucrats and politicians. The Judge had them arrested, the Sheriff put them in handcuffs and balls & chains and, once secured in the prison cart, they were justly hauled away. The Judge ended the proceeding thusly: "It is clear that these bureaucrats are acting under the orders and authority of Paul Martin and Dalton McGuinty and we must try these ringleaders accordingly. The LLA issues a summons to these two scoundrels to appear at our next food strike, to answer to these charges. In the meantime, Paul Martin and Dalton McGuinty - you are hereby banished from Lanark County."

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