Off to a wedding - here's some more hockey bits.... 
First, Chez 106.1 is selling 'Salary Caps' with the proceeds going to the local children's hospital CHEO:
Get your limited edition "I'm on my BEERiod" t-shirts or Doc & Woody $alary Caps... available exclusively through CHEZ 106!

Next, read the Middleman's thoughts on the lockout. His conclusion:
So in an interesting twist, although I like the players and admire the efforts made so far by their union, I am for the forces of reason that would remove the volatility from the hockey labour market, despite the fact that I have find the owners stupid, and Bettman's intransigence, insufferable.

Michael Wilson wrote a post on the lockout that included some comments from Andrew Spicer - including this one:
If the league takes money from the wealthy teams and gives it to the poor teams, I think that simply has to limit the payroll of those big market teams. How can it not?

Here's what I had to say:
Look at the Yankees and Red Sox. They have a luxury tax with revenue sharing in that league. The NHLPA has said they will not support a strong tax that has the effect of limiting payrolls.

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