Maclean's Solution 
James Deacon offers 8 steps to get the CBA solved - it's worth a read.

My favourites:
The league has repeatedly offered to open its books and let the union perform its own audit, but Goodenow has just as repeatedly declined the offer. He refuses to tie salaries to a percentage of revenues, so why bother? But he should reconsider. ....
There's a far better chance of reaching a semi-amicable conclusion if Goodenow and Bettman get kicked out of the circle and their lieutenants take the faceoff.
Goodenow says the union's fight isn't about greed; it's about principle. But really, what principle is he talking about? Maintaining the free market? There is no real free market in hockey. Players can't become true free agents until they're 31. The just-expired agreement already had several mechanisms that limit (rookie salary cap) or enhance (qualifying offers) player contracts. And if union members are talking about the principles that Ted Lindsay fought for back in the 1950s, well, think again. The current union leaders have turned down a guarantee of 54 per cent of all league revenues. Old-timers asked only to be treated fairly, and 54 per cent seems pretty fair.
Fans usually support players in contract talks because, traditionally, the guys in skates didn't get their fair share of the pie from the guys in suits. But players do get a fair shake now, while the NHL has maxed out its sponsorship and licencing revenue potential, and its U.S. broadcasting income is going down. Some teams may fudge their numbers, but there's no doubting the NHL is in dire condition. Many players acknowledge this, although few of them speak up as New Jersey's John Madden did last week. They don't have to accept the league's current offer; they can negotiate better terms. But it's the players' turn to make the first move, and to kick-start serious negotiations, they'll have to accept a system, be it a stringent luxury tax or an actual cap, that offers more cost certainty. This isn't about capitulation. It's about doing what's right for the game.

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