Goodenow on CBC 
He shoots, he misses.

Goodenow was on The National last night.

On the PR battle:
Goodenow said that the players weren't looking for empathy yet he used every opportunity to say how the players didn't go on strike and that if it was up to him the players would be playing. Of course they didn't, and of course you would - the players are getting 1.8 million dollar average salaries in a league that gets no TV revenue.

On the NFL salary cap:
Some players don't like it, some owners don't like it, and some fans don't like it according to Goodenow. I agree - but it works! Sure it's hard to keep a team together even when you're a large market - but that's why fans can believe that their team will have a shot a few years down the road - with good managment you can build a team for a run.

On 'the market':
According to Bob - "their salaries have been set by the owners, and salaries go up and down based on their performance." Really? I'd love to know the percentage of players that have had their salary go down based on performance. This whole market place arguement is so shallow but he kind of got away with it last night.

On his overall performance:
Some brutal facial expressions during some fans questions - looks that said "what the hell do you know?"
He basically said that fans were jealous of the players salaries and that the issues are too complex for fans to understand.

Come on players - negotiate on the cap already - start at 65% and negotitate down to 60% - a 45 million dollar payroll cap per team.

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