Damn Americans - I hate those bastards. 
I read this at the Vancouver Canucks Op Ed blog:

"Nothing stirs the Canadian spirit and nationalism like the game of hockey. No thing -- not the beaver, the maple leaf, lacrosse, the socialized medical system -- can produce as much ear-splitting emotion and pride as a hockey game involving the Canadian national team.

Prior to the game, the American anthem was cheered with great enthusiasm and the Canadian anthem sung in full chorus. This wasn't a hockey game, it was more like Tuesday night worship."

From an editorial by American sports writer Rich Libero, after attending the game between Canada vs. the USA at the Bell Center on Tuesday. LINK

Whatever. The American Libero obviously hasn't spent hours in a hospital emergency waiting room up here where people will sporatically break out into singing O' Canada, to be joined by the nurses, doctors, and the crowd of waiting patients. It is very emotional - ear-splitting, stomach churning, fever inducing emotion. Socialized medicine not stiring the Canadian spirit - what's he talking about?

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