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While most bloggers are watching the developments of the CBS memogate scandal (up here, we use new scandal terminology like Adscam but all American scandals must end in 'gate'), there are some people paying attention to developments in our own parliament. These two E-Groupers have some interesting thoughts on the opposition's united press release and their letter to the Governor General regarding their consultation should the Liberals seek the dissolution of parliament:

Matthew from Living in a Society:

The quote to remember from Stephen Harper in The Star: "I think we have put forward here some changes that are reasonable. These are things we would be prepared to live with if we were in government."

Write that one down.

What is telling is that the opposition parties are taking more initiative than the government on addressing one of PM PMs primary election promises (i.e. the 'democratic deficit'). Opposition parties that put forward concrete proposals and show that they are ready to govern don't stay in opposition for long. Of course, the three parties may not be able to show this type of unity for very long either.

Alan from Gen X at 40 talking about the GG and calling the opposition's request for consultation a "Kingy-Byngy power grab":
So here we are, 78 years later and Mr Martin and his Liberal├ęs are 40-odd seats short of the others and face a united opposition intending on dropping the hammer at their convenience after half-running the show for a while. Sooner or later they will go to the Governor General saying, quite rightly, that they have over 60% of the seats and 60% of the popular vote and that they have the nuttiest coalition this side of Gilligan's Island. What is the ex-host of CBC TV's Take 30 to do?

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