And the balance in the universe is maintained.... 
In the end, I guess all that matters is that Canada won.

I have to say - the Ruutu goal was one of the sloppiest series of defensive plays I've seen. The guy is close to the boards and three Canadians in a row go for the puck and end up watching him walk by them.

With Lecavalier winning tournament MVP I suppose that means that Gretzky and Co. should remind themselves of Canada's decision after the 1998 Nagano loss not to turn aside talent in order to round out a lineup with 'role' players. Picking Morrow and Maltby ahead of Lecavalier was a mistake.

All things considered, the team was fast, exciting, tough, and young. As long as the NHL/NHLPA screwups don't create a situation where the professionals can't play in the Olympics, we are well positioned to field an excellent team in 2006 and 2010.

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