Ah ha! 
All the signs seem to indicate that there will be Conservative coup shortly. Consider these items all appearing in the last few days:

1. Dalton McGuinty is actually a Harris clone - a powerful ally in Ontario is a most needed ingredient for coup soup...
The lobbyist suggested that "Dalton McGuinty really admired Mike Harris" and his
penchant for centralizing decisions in the premier’s office, he said. "We’re led
to believe Dalton McGuinty has taken the same approach," he added, describing
the current premier as a "student of Mike Harris."
2. The Conservatives are financially sound - especially when compared to the Liberals who obviously blew the bank on their TV ads in June....
Just a hunch, but I'm guessing that - if they're talking this tough, (refering to Harper voting against the Throne speech) this soon - the Tories don't have any substantial debt coming out of the June 2004 campaign. That would make things rather interesting, wouldn't it?
Warren K's Sept. 28th musing.
3. Harper meeting with the Governor General to discuss post coup governing....
....But after a lunch-hour meeting Tuesday with Gov. Gen. Adrienne Clarkson, he said the throne speech will be treated like any other piece of legislation.
"I lead a strong party, and we will do whatever we believe is in the best interests of the country..."
Prepare the militia's! Notify the underground!

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