What did Fulford's column say? 
First I saw Paul Wells blog and the mysterious comment:

I've often had occasion to marvel at the wisdom of Bob Fulford.

Then tonight, on the radio, I heard John Robson and Brigitte Pellerin talk about, I think, the column that made Wells write his statement. From what I gathered it was about the Globe and Mail and Ed Greenspon?

The thing that caught my attention was Robson's rant on Greenspon stating that the Globe identified itself as "generally tilting towards to the moderate centre-right". He wasn't mad about the centre-right part - though I think he said that was in itself a discussion - he was talking about the generally titlting towards the moderate part. His point was - get a frickin' backbone Eddie - I think he said it a little differently though.

I'd love to know what the entire column was about.

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